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People often tell me, “Teach me to trade!” because I am able to make extra money trading stocks on the stock market, and other complicated trading systems, platforms, and methods. This is hard for me to do, given I have been trading stocks nearly all of my life, and I know and understand the risks I am taking when I enter the market.

There Are Many More Ways to Lose Money Than Make Money

Having said that I’ve long looked for a way to explain at least some of what I know and how I think to friends and others so they might take advantage of some of the earnings opportunities available in the market and online. There are a lot of ways to make money day trading in the stock market, but there are by far more ways to LOSE money instead, and losing money is… bad. I’ve made this website and made a great deal of effort to try to teach people the simplest, most easy to understand ways to recognize and capitalize on opportunities in the market.

The Things That Are a Must for a Simple to Teach Trading System

As I have thought about this over time any opportunity to respond to someone asking, “Teach me to trade” would have to be cheap to start, conceptually simple to understand, easy to teach, and offer high returns for the level of risk taken. As time has progressed and markets have evolved, typically investments have gotten substantially MORE complicated, not less. This makes the job of finding ways to respond to the call to “teach me to trade!” all the more difficult. 

Learning About Trading Binary Options Is the Simplest, Cheapest, and Easiest Investment

After more than two decades of learning about investing and actively day trading, I’ve finally found an investment opportunity that fits the bill. I have found a day trading opportunity that requires only $100 to start, doesn’t charge transaction fees (which normally eat up small time trader returns), and is about as easy to understand as flipping a coin (see the details).

Feel free to look around the site and read up on the various ways to think about using binary options to make money online. Opening an account is free and easy to do, and if you’re lucky is bolstered by significant amounts of bonus cash offers to encourage first time traders. The offers I can tell you are frequently very generous.


Take Advantage of the Free Accounts and Bonus Cash Offers

I have had the fortune of making a significant amount of extra money by day trading, although no one actually spent the time to teach me to trade options specifically. I have spent the bulk of my life understanding markets, companies, and most importantly, people. I think these binary options are the least difficult to understand, cheapest to start trading, and give new traders the fewest variables to worry about when making trading decisions. There are certainly other ways to make good money in the world of day trading and finance – however they are considerably more difficult to understand than this binary option trading method.

13 thoughts on “Teach Me to Trade

  1. i want to learn how to trade

  2. Hi Eric!

    Before you even *think* about making a trade in the market (**ANY MARKET**) read this book. You have to know what kind of people you are making trades with before you make your first trade.

    The people on the other end of your trade may not be very nice – and you’d best be aware who the enemy is.

  3. Binary option playing is a surefire way to lose money since it is near impossible to know what any type of asset will do in a few minutes to an hours time. At best, it is usually a 50/50 shot with the winners only paying 60%-80% but the losers extracting 100% of the initial bet (not investment). Over time, the bettor has about the same chance of winning as the player inside a casino at the slot machines. A skilled trader may do somewhat better since there is a minimal amount of skill entering into the equation sort of like the skilled poker player. Only in the case of binary options, the winnings are meager and can never make up for the losses.

  4. This is precisely why we at make300aday.com promote the usage of binary options bonus cash and strategic binary options hedge strategies to offset the risk of a one time loss and maximize the number of “swings at the fence” – losing a little at a time rather than playing the casino game and losing it all at once (or on average). See the discussion and binary options trading video. A number of binary options broker dealers offer bonus cash.

  5. Can I buy $577.5 Call and $579 Put at the same time?
    This way $579 Put would cost less…

    In video you mentioned there is a spreadsheet for this example.
    Could you direct me to it?

    Thank you for excellent video on binary options trading.

  6. Generally the answer is no, although at one time I did see one company do some experimentation with set straddle and double no-touch exotic options. (editor’s note: This sort of trading has been revived via the use of barrier options.)

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about that style of option in a while however I do believe as the market for binary options grows there will be demand for that type of product. You’re just a little bit ahead of the market is all (as was the company that originally was offering those products).

    The binary options worksheets (there are two) can be found at our sister site binary-option-broker.com.

  7. I have been studying binary options for a couple of weeks now, inparticular reducing the risk factor and making gains one in four of my investments, this is a low ratio but a realistic one especially for an inexperienced trader.
    Your offsetting the trade calculation solves this problem and reduces incurring heavy losses in a short period of time.
    My main concern is finding a broker that offers 75% payout for a win and 15% payout for a loss.
    I have noticed many brokers offer 70% and 10%, these returns would greatly incurr more substantial losses.
    Your example is calculated at 75% and 15%, are there still brokers who offer these figures?

  8. Hi Mark-

    Did you download the binary options payout calculator? You can use it to tweak the “in the money” and “out of the money” settings to whatever the current market conditions are.

    As far as paying out top dollar on in the money contracts, I see that there are places (here) that pay 81% on in the money commodities contracts. That’s top dollar in terms of highest yielding binary options.

    I hope that helps.

  9. Hi Steve!

    It’s good that your giving options to people who want to invest their money in trading. There are are always risks when dealing with these things and the experiences that you share can really make a difference. As someone who is in the business, I can say that trading is a long and tricky process, if you don’t know what to do, you may lose all of your investments. Trading through Binary Options is something that I will look into. It really sounds very promising. Thank you!


  10. I’m looking for strategies to minimize the loss,and hoping for a high probability to gain.
    Do I’ve to subscribe real time if I were trading stocks binary option
    I need your suggestions.
    Thanks Lily

  11. See binary options signals for trade signals.

  12. Hi,

    I thought you guys share profitable strategies on this website apart from hedgeing?

  13. Binary hedging is our favorite strategy, and requires the most daily maintenance, that’s why it is discussed most thoroughly here. We also talk elsewhere about creating efficient portfolios and more basic options trading examples.

    We also demonstrate (rather sadly I might say) how some people would have been better of if they’d just bought 6 mo high rate CDs instead of investing.

    You should definitely check out what has been (to date) the best investments in 2011.

    The point is, there is a considerable amount of information available, if you know where to look and what questions to ask.

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