About Make $300 a Day

Make300aday.com is a website dedicated to uncovering ways to trade for profit in the stock market. We provide reviews of strategies, services, and products available for use by day traders and we also provide market commentary.

Make300aday.com expects its readers to know that any investment strategy involves some form of risk and could result in significant loss of capital. Make300aday.com strongly urges its readers to invest money only if they can afford to lose it, and reminds its readers to be prepared to accept losses should they occur.

Make $300 a Day Discusses High Risk Strategies and Tactics

Make300aday.com describes in some detail highly risky strategies involving leverage. We expect our readers to have some understanding of leverage and that knowledge should include the fact that LOSSES as well as GAINS are amplified in similar ways when using it (leverage). Leveraged investments can and sometimes DO result in 100% loss of invested capital. Leveraged investments (if unhedged) can also result in losses GREATER than invested capital. Make300aday.com does NOT advocate the use of such strategies however in the matter of discussing and comparing investment strategies topics such as hyper-leverage likely WILL come up, and examples described are for illustrative purposes only and do NOT constitute a recommendation or suggested course of action.

Make300aday.com expects its readers are sophisticated investors looking for alternative strategies to use in their activities, and for insights and or opinions on the current financial events of our time. We aim to explore strategies here for illustrative purposes only and expect our readers to be able to make good judgements about how to use any insights gained here either on their own or (more appropriately) with the guidance of their own financial counselor.

Make $300 a Day Accepts Paid Advertisements

Lastly, Make300aday.com is a free site which may receive compensation via advertising sponsorship. As one might expect, Make300aday.com can not and does not provide any warrantee for products or services offered by third party sponsors.

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